Specialty Binding

Although Mediascope’s bindery provides a full complement of finishing solutions, we specialize in the types of binding most often used in book production: lay-flat (ota); perfect; and several forms of mechanical binding.

We currently offer three styles of perfect binding:

  1. Lay-flat Binding, which uses PUR adhesive plus a gauze strip on the spine edge of the book block to offer the ultimate in book opening, hinge scoring, and side gluing;
  2. Perfect Binding using PUR adhesive which offers a flexible spine, hinge scoring, and side gluing at a more economical price than lay-flat; and
  3. Perfect Binding using hot melt adhesive on a single pocket binder for short runs. This economical option does not provide hinge scoring or side gluing.

We also offer three styles of mechanical binding:

  • Plastic Spiral, a continuous coil of plastic wound in a spiral through holes in the binding edge of the sheet;
  • Plastic Comb (commonly referred to as GBC binding), a strip of plastic with interlocking teeth that are fed through rectangular holes in the binding edge of the sheet; and
  • Wire-O binding (twin loop), consisting of a double coil of wire with interlocking teeth fed through a special punch configuration along the binding edge of the sheet.

The type of binding best for your project is dependent on a number of factors including the intended use, layout, and the types of papers used. We’ll be glad to work with you to help decide which type of binding is best suited for your book.