Accuship Direct

Clients such as AERA Engine Builders Association, WinCraft, and Hal Leonard use our Accuship Direct program for their one-time and/or repetitive special projects.

Some clients use Accuship Direct in addition to their regular fulfillment package. VeggieTales is one example of a national client who turns to Mediascope’s Accuship Direct service for special projects in addition to the long-term solutions and benefits they already utilize through AccuShip Plus and/or AccuShip Pro.


  • Invoiced on a project basis, clients prepay postage
  • Monthly inventory report provided (when applicable)
  • Quality control of products as picked and packed
  • All shipping choices available – standard fees apply: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Freight
  • Use of our permits at no extra cost
  • Mediascope’s Precision Production quality program included
  • Complete Client Confidentiality
  • Research on best shipping methods and costs

Available and Customized Options

  • Shipment tracking where available
  • Warehouse storage*
  • Return processing
  • Custom kit building
  • Assistance with mailing list rentals for identifying prospects
  • Shrink-wrapping for storage of products not shelf-ready